Lakhs of Affordable Dwelling Units to be constructed in newly announced 109 sectors in land pooling zones.

Delhi Housing Society

With a purpose to provide the basic need of housing in Delhi, DDA presented its idea of land pooling policy as vide S.O. 5220(E) on 11th of October 2018 and S.O. 5384(E) on 24th of October 2018 for launching the mass housing scheme. The scheme is basically an independent authority that provides the financing to build Delhi Housing Society and provide to the homebuyers. Due to this notification, the role of DDA got replaced by the new land pooling policy. Earlier, part of the DDA was as the agency leader to acquire land scales of the land but when the new land pooling policy came in, the role of DDA got over.

One of the benefits of the Land Pooling Policy is that it gives the authority to the society to purchase their lands from the farmers directly for developing the residential zone, also the multiple and single plots are being allotted to DDA based on the equal sector-wise.

Hereby, to take advantages of the chances of land pooling policy, many societies are initially obtaining the lands in the zones of DDA like in P-II Zone which comes in North Delhi and in L Zone which comes in the South West Delhi. Along with this, A land assembly has been introduced in both the zones so that the members would be able to know the low-cost housing on no profit-no loss basis in terms of the housing units. Some of the members are already enrolled in the societies from a variety of sectors like Railways, CSC, PSU's, IOCL and more.

The whole land has been registered through the online portal which was launched by the DDA some time ago. The last date of registration finally got decided by DDA. In the time period of 6 months starting from 6th February 2019 to 6th of August 2019, many lands have been submitted by the farmers and landowners. Before there was a delay to implement the MPD 2021, but now it has finally decided to start and renew the policies.



Society Membership Plan-1

Land Pooling Amount () To Be Paid Within

Type Accommodation Proportionate Land Size (Sq.Ft.) Land Pooling Amount () Registration () 7 Days From Application () 30 Days From Application ()
I 1 BHK 475 831250 10000 135225 140125
II 2 BHK (Small)+2T 775 1356250 10000 223725 228625
III 2 BHK (Large)+2T 975 1706250 10000 282725 287625
IV 2 BHK+SQ+3T 1175 2056250 10000 341725 346625
V 3 BHK+3T 1475 2581250 10000 430225 435125
VI 3 BHK+SQ+4T 1675 2931250 10000 489225 494125
VII 4 BHK+SQ+5T 2100 3675000 10000 614600 619500

Society Membership Plan-2

Land Pooling Amount () To Be Paid Within

Type Accommodation Proportionate Land Size (Sq.Ft.) Land Pooling Amount () Registration () 7 Days From Application () 30 Days From Application ()
I 1 BHK 475 712500 10000 232600 475000
II 2 BHK (Small)+2T 775 1162500 10000 382600 775000
III 2 BHK (Large)+2T 975 1462500 10000 482600 975000
IV 2 BHK+SQ+3T 1175 1762500 10000 582600 1175000
V 3 BHK+3T 1475 2212500 10000 732600 1475000
VI 3 BHK+SQ+4T 1675 2512500 10000 832600 1675000
VII 4 BHK+SQ+5T 2100 3150000 10000 1045100 2100000

Location Advantage

Delhi University

Delhi University will be opening in dwarka.

Diplomatic Enclave 2

Dwarka will be the second diplomatic enclave in the india capital after Chankyapuri.


It will connect Vasant Kunj through existing Dwarka Link Road.

Metro Station 21

IT connects cities of Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad

IGI Airport

IGI airport have 2 terminals, T1 and T3. T3 is directly connected to metro and nearest metro 2 T1 is aerocity.

Super Specialty Hospital

Super Specialty Hospital will provide world-class care in all major medical disciplines.
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