Lakhs of Affordable Dwelling Units to be constructed in newly announced 109 sectors in land pooling zones.

About Us

The upcoming Dwarka L zone in Delhi is all set to offer some of the most attractive price points. It has full potentials of emerging as one of the most important residential destinations in Delhi. With the population of Delhi rising at an alarming speed and more people coming to the city every year in search of livelihood, there was this requirement of expanding the boundary of the city. The Awas Yojna in Delhi that has will be initiated under the Master Plan Delhi 2021 will be offering a total of 25 lakh new homes to the citizens of Delhi. This plan is being executed by DDA or Delhi Development Authority and is implemented by 200 experts from varied fields.

The Main Objective behind Developing New Housing Units in Delhi

With the aim of developing dream homes for the people of Delhi, the land available close to the border of the city and also in Dwarka will be developed and will feature well-structured infrastructure as well. This is being done for making this area a significant part of the urban development of Delhi. Experts in this field are of the belief that only through the proper synchronization of planning and execution can the ever-rising population of Delhi be addressed. L Zone is the perfect place for the ones looking to buy homes in Delhi. This goes specially for the middle-income groups who are always on the look out of houses under Delhi Housing Scheme.

A home is one of the most important requirements of an individual. It serves as a security to every individual as he or she knows that there is a place where they can relax after a hard day at work. Finding and purchasing a home that you can call your own in the national capital Delhi is quite challenging. This is because of the rising prices of land throughout the city and also because of the rising living standards of the people. Even getting some land and constructing your own home in Delhi can be difficult because of the major expenditures involved in getting raw materials and other things required for the construction procedure. Considering the problems of the people and in order to ensure that people get homes within their financial capabilities, the Delhi Awas Yojna has been put into place at Dwarka L Zone.



Location Specifications

Delhi Housing Society or the Awas Yojna in Dwarka is one of the most wonderful investment propositions and is also one of the best conceptualized residential undertakings in Delhi. This residential project lies very close to Gurgaon and Dwarka and is very well connected to expressways and metro routes. This makes it very easy for the residents to reap the benefits of different facilities and shopping as well. Greater Noida and Noida are nearby cities that are very well connected by the new metro lines. Thus, it can rightly be said that this one-of-a-kind affordable housing scheme in Delhi is the best-located housing project in the city and will surely fetch great appreciation ones it is complete.

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